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Storing energy is becoming a necessity.

Market conditions have become more favorable; the costs of implementing energy storage systems have decreased and they are the most effective solution against blackouts. Get yours now!


How does an energy storage system work?

Energy storage consists of storing the energy generated in a battery, or in a battery bank so that it can be released in the event of a blackout.

During these power failure events, without battery storage, any power produced by your panels would be lost immediately.

Can I also store in batteries without panels?

Sure, no problem. Victron Energy has fully modular systems.

The minimum requirements are an inverter/charger and a battery. You can add panels later if required. We can energize from 250 to 180,000 watts.

How do I generate power with my panels during a blackout?

One of the many configurable capabilities of our equipment is the possibility of 0 injection to the network, as dictated by the CFE during a blackout. But with our panels, you can continue to generate enough energy to consume it instantly or store it in batteries.

As soon as the sensors detect the restoration of power by the CFE, it will start again the discharge of the surpluses to the grid as any traditional ON-GRID system.

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